Lacey Picazo 

​With Panelists:  

Diversity & Inclusion: Strategies for Leadership

building an audio microscope:

Exploring a Moment of Pure Sound with Pure Data

Cassandra faris

Culture has been gaining momentum over the past decade and now holds a critical place in the minds and hearts of current and considering employees. Culture is critical because it not only sets the expectation for how a company works, but it is now proven to have a dramatic impact on satisfaction, productivity - and long term value. This presentation will provide a framework for how companies define and manage culture - and how tech talent can and should consider culture in their career decisions (p.s. It's not ping pong tables and Nerf guns...)

Caroline Barni

Every day we take pictures left and right with our phones and other devices. We don't think twice about our ability to capture a moment in time that we can later see whenever we like. Zooming in to look at details of a picture, reversing it, changing its color, contrast, etc. are all functions we take for granted. Why isn't such functionality commonplace for audio as well?  Even though audio data is drastically different than video data, if we manipulate it differently, knowing how our brain puts it all together, it IS possible to take a microscopic snapshot of sound. In this session we will use the freely available graphical audio processing programming environment PureData (PD) to show you how to build a very special kind of sampler: an audio microscope. We will use that microscope to explore the microcosm inside a single moment of sound.

You've climbed large corporate mountains,  tackled large technical challenges, wrangled office politics by the horns, and rescued projects in distress....

Your journey is not quite over! When you get the tap on the shoulder to get that leadership role, are you ready? 

In this session I will prepare you for technical leadership by helping you identify your current skill sets, sharing what "big roles" are like, and how you can prepare today, in order to graciously accept the new challenge without an anxious internal debate. 

Cheryl Turnbull

Disrupt your typical thinking patterns!

Discover ways to get your team in the mindset of design thinking, a user centered approach to product design that combines empathy, technology, and business goals. Learn how to speak the language of design, to improve collaboration with creative teams to build innovative solutions. Gain a better understanding of the value of the UX process and why fast iterations and user testing is invaluable for success. 

Was that ok?

jennifer drake-finegold

Dr. Catherine Ashcraft

Humans process millions of bits of information each day. In order to handle that data load, our brains have developed shortcuts to take advantage of patterns, shared knowledge and experience. Unfortunately, sometimes those short cuts lead us astray, and cause us to draw inaccurate conclusions. These cognitive biases are amplified when you pull together a team of people all trying to work together. Come learn about some of the most common types of biases and how to recognize when they are negatively impacting your team. We will also practice some techniques for working around their impacts.

You can lead a team from waterfall, but.....

Keep calm: Story map on

It’s All In Our Heads: How Neuroscience Can Help Us Create High-Performing Teams

beth hand

FIRST Robotics, shaping a world of innovation

Come learn about how companies can effectively address implicit biases in order to better attract and retain the diverse talent that will drive future innovation. In this interactive presentation, Dr. Catherine Ashcraft from the National Center for Women & IT (NCWIT), will also identify concrete strategies and resources companies can use for implementing these practices in their organizations.

Roughly 2.5 exabytes of data are produced daily. With such an influx of data, how can industries wrangle meaning and purpose from this Big data boom? In this session attendees will dive into basic definitions of Data Governance, universal goals of Data Governance, and how Data Governance trends will impact different industries

Introverts can feel like personal branding is somehow disingenuous, and therefore purposefully opt out of office “politics.” However, this stifles growth, and individuals who chose this route do not live up to their full potential for themselves, or their organization. In this session we will explore some very simple ways in which you can be your own biggest supporter, and cultivate your personal brand.  

This session is for smart women in Tech from seasoned executives to aspiring leaders. What if conflict is really an opportunity for discovery and innovation? What if it’s a way to discover something profoundly important about ourselves, others, and an even more innovative, sustainable solution? It can be and is. In this session, you’ll get practical tools to improve your ability to effectively navigate conflict, and opportunity to engage in a transformational exercise that leads to new perspectives and solutions. 
Participants will leave with a checklist for evaluating a conflict situation, a greater sense of confidence in their ability to navigate conflict, new perspectives and actionable insights to address conflict at work, in their community, or on the national or multinational playing field.

Design thinking: A Framework for technical innovation 

ryan frederick

Rooma Hartman

You are not alone!

Join Dr. Orthwein as we explore how social science research helps to explain the  impact discrimination and harassment have on individuals in the workplace, as well as in other areas of their lives. Participants will have a better understanding of the impact it can have on their overall well-being, how to recognize signs of being a target, as well as when it's happening to others. Having knowledge of the potential impact on one’s emotional, psychological, social and physical functioning in response to this experience in employment can help reduce the devastating consequences and prepare them to help resolve.

Sessions & Speakers 

A time elapsed skit will take you down a company’s path from Waterfall to Agile. This comedy of errors will highlight discoveries, bumps, and opportunities the IGS Energy team has experienced since launching on the Agile path.

Kelsey bieri

​​The presentation will dive deep into specific concepts of InfoSec and discuss about advances made in Malware technology. It will talk about building a secure and scalable applications by overcoming the common security challenges. Attendees will also learn about AI and ML which can be used to build cognitive security for critical enterprise applications.

Samantha Lopez

In a time where overt mysogeny seems to have disappeared... seems as though a faint scent still lingers in the air.

What do you smell? In this session we'll explore the result of forces like unconscious bias or of policies that do not meet the needs of modern women.  These conditions are often especially pronounced for women in tech and STEM related fields. 

There are various ways that workplaces can unknowingly end up stacking the odds against women. We will discuss how anyone can spot these issues at work.

 Noticing is just the beginning, we will also discuss strategies for addressing gendered treatment, including how to collaborate and use internal processes at your company to try to make improvements.  

This curiosity of data is amazing and continually growing, only adding to the challenge of managing these projects. The complications involved are multifaceted: many Big Data platforms do not have a well-defined process for acquiring new data; resources are often finite, or in conflict with other simultaneous requests; and analytic questions vary widely on their ‘time to market’ needs and cost of delay. This presentation will outline one approach used to manage Big Data Analytic projects through Agile principles, given the evolving processes of an emerging technology, insight turnaround timelines, ever changing priority, and shared resources.

WITI presents a discussion on how to accelerate your career as a leader in Columbus' emerging start-up community.  Moderator, Tina Lyden will touch upon her experience working as a CIO and a leader in the local tech community to facilitate a conversation on how to navigate from being an employee to leading your own company.

Will Robots Take Over the World?

In this entertaining, informative, and thought-provoking session, you’ll learn how Artificial Intelligence and Robots are helping us with daily tasks in the home and the workplace. You’ll see examples of ways you can take advantage of the AI revolution, and consider the skills you might need in the future to ensure a robot won’t take your job.

​Security: The new Imperative

Doug mccollough

Brittaney Carter

Lightning Block: naked & Afraid, Infrastructure

Tera Simon

heather baumer


Bitcoin, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Analytics, Internet of Things, Droids, Autonomous Vehicles, and 3D Printing are making their presence known.

The buzz brings to question:

"How fast are these changes coming?"
"What do I need to know to stay relevant?" 

Find out everything you need to know as an Innovative Women in Tech, as Angela Lopez brings you the Tech News LIVE at Columbus Women In Tech!  

Working in the tech industry often involves spending long hours sitting down, staring at a screen, consuming copious amounts of pizza and caffeine. The work is mentally demanding and can be stressful. In the rush to get everything done, it can be easy to neglect our health. But a healthy body and mind are necessary for effective performance. Based on HR training, research, and personal experience, this session provides realistic suggestions for managing your well-being at work. It covers the connection between physical and mental health, as well as how to discuss these topics with your employer. You’ll leave with a better idea of how to take care of yourself and be a happier, healthier, more productive person.

Kimberly Clavin

Understanding & Addressing Unconscious Biases in Technical Workplaces

At some point in our careers, we have all attempted to tackle projects that were actual elephants - monstrous skyscraper-like projects that simply swallowed us in the size of its scope. We get lost, overwhelmed, frustrated and impatient.

Whether you're taking on a project solo, or working with a team, you're likely coming to grips with the eating of an elephant. You are also likely to encounter a variety of different clients and personality types.There a steps you can take to find success. In this session, attendees will learn how to take a deep breath and use the right techniques to take on that elephant, one bite at a time.

LIghtning BLock:  ​Personal branding for Introverts

taranjeet  kaur

Letterman's top 10 lessons learned when implementing a Package or Saas Solution

Building great products is counter-intuitive and many aspects of it go against human nature. We're wired to solve problems and to build, which often means we build the wrong things or for low-value problems, that people don't care enough about. The session will identify common pitfalls around creating products and some ways to overcome them.

Mel McGee

Diversity can be thought of as an objective. Inclusion can be thought of as a practice. Leadership in technology is spreading beyond the bounds of traditional technology and now includes subjects and disciplines as varied as Smart City, Sustainability, and Access to Democracy. The technology industry is shifting the diversity conversation away from identity numbers into Diversity of Thought, which carries with it implications of culture, background, experiences, and other dimensions that may open up new opportunities. Doug McCollough is the first CIO for the City of Dublin, Ohio seeking specifically to challenge the CIO leadership community of Central Ohio to engage around these opportunities,  Doug advocates for the balanced performance of both with Women in Technology in technology, especially at this moment of opportunity for Ohio's Capital City.

The culture code

Cindy Sheets 

Faye Thompson

wendy jacobs

My presentation will focus on the diverse opportunities that a knowledge and background in technology can provide, especially for young innovators.

In the STEM fields, women and minorities are severely underrepresented, but encouraging technology education is beginning to reduce the gap. My experiences with STEM education, and more specifically, FIRST robotics, have shaped my understanding of other fields and fueled my educational career.

Through technology, one can make an impact on the local, national, and international level, no matter their age or gender. More specifically, I will speak to the technology outreach I am doing through The Ohio State University, as well as through the organization FIRST Robotics at Ohio State.  

Alexa...when will robots take over the world? 

Maria Krantz

Starting: Personal Scrum Rating 6.5
We take risks not to escape life ... but to prevent life from escaping us. In 2016, I jumped at an opportunity to stretch my skillset and become a scrum master with an infrastructure team. The primary goal was to increase visibility into their work by using agile principals. I’ve been a scrum master, analyst, tech lead in a variety of technology for almost 20 years… Easy enough. Follow my adventure, from the comfort of application development into the high-tech jungle of infrastructure. Using nothing but skill, experience, and mental strength, I conquered infrastructure. My adventure was spent conquering perceived scary technology, working with challenging personality, most importantly building my confidence as a leader.

End Rating Personal Scrum Master 7.0

be the pilot, not the passenger

krista campbell

​Productive Conflict™ Workshop 

Helping Women Leaders Navigate Conflict and Discover Powerful, Innovative Solutions Hidden Within It

It can be stressful to miss release deadlines. It can be maddening to sort through a flat backlog. How can you find that needle in the haystack of ideas? Story Mapping is a technique to help you visualize and sort through your ideas to create releasable slices of functionality. Join us for a hands on learning experience to enable you to Keep Calm and Story Map On.

Health: the most important tech tool

meghan Dillon

Tag! You're a Leader.... and imposter syndrome

A Full Spectrum of Sessions for Women in Technology

From Technical Topics on Big Data and Security to Leadership and Career, attendees receive A full day of knowledge and growth with Exposure to leading edge trends and innovative topics.

Jennifer Orthwein

The Value of truth.

big data analytics in agile

Tech news 

How human nature impacts product creation

Scope Creep: The project killer

TIna Lyden

Alexandra Harwin

Recent studies found that when reviewing roughly 11,000 IT projects from 200 different companies in varying industries, only 2.5% of the companies completed 100% of their projects. Additionally, one in six projects had a cost overrun of 200% on average. The cost of failure is high, and with the IT industry moving faster than ever we cannot afford the gamble. Staying competitive in the industry goes hand in hand with competitive technology. Outdated and custom applications are being replaced with Package and SaaS solutions, leveraging the benefits of the cloud when possible. In this session we will cover 10 significant lessons learned when going through a Package/SaaS implementation, Letterman style.