Deb BitzAn &          Jennifer Cable


Driving Innovation in a Mature Organization

Making HERStory Together -- A Group Problem-Solving Jam

Design Thinking goes beyond the aesthetics to solve real world problems that relate to real world humans. Learn how Design Thinking leads to the right kind of innovation for your brand, company, or product. Go beyond UX design, to human-centered design.

Tammy Chellis

Be a Technology Entrepreneur

Journey to Enterprise Data Visualization

and Analytics

Ryan Frederick &      Cyndi Thomas

Margaret Meyer & Morgan Smithson

Design Thinking

Problem solving skills are critical for software engineers of any experience level. Whether you're just starting out, or you're a well-seasoned developer, this talk will guide you towards success in your approach to solving problems in software. From crushing bugs to writing code for new feature work, we'll focus on fool-proof steps to help make your process more efficient and effective. This talk assumes but does not require basic familiarity with Git and GitHub.

A wise coach of mine said “the difference between influence and manipulation is intent.” As you consider changing anything- your life, your job, an aspect of your company/work – keeping your intention in focus will increase your likelihood of success. In this interactive presentation, we will discuss finding your intention, identifying keys to keeping it, and avoiding the temptation to stray from it. If there is something you want to change, bring your idea with you.

If you're anything like me, you want to be the best at what you do. You put 150% effort into whatever that is. For me, that desire developed over time by working at the same company, in the same area of business for a very long time. I enjoyed being the ‘go-to, subject matter expert.’ Then one day, a thought popped into my head, 'Could I do this somewhere else?’ Did I have the transferable skills to step outside my comfort zone and do this IT thing elsewhere? The answer was…YES! Why not try my hand at this IT thing somewhere else? I went for it and haven’t looked back since. I’d like to share my experiences with you and help you realize you, too, have what it takes to change industries and enjoy every step of the way!

Nancy Matijasich

Do you see what I see? A vision in 4 simple steps

Do you see what I see? Do we share the same vision? On the surface, it’s sounds so easy. You must find a way to communicate the path to developers, managers, executives, sales reps, marketing folks, and Bob down the hall. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all have the same picture of where we’re heading? Believe it or not, it isn’t too hard to craft such a vision, and in this hands-on workshop you’ll learn exactly how to do craft a meaningful vision by just answering a few questions. The outcome will provide you with a North Star which can guide decisions throughout the project, and keep everyone marching in the same direction – even Bob.


strengthen your team’s innovation

muscle and develop grit

workshop:  what investors love

​(and hate) in startups

How to Swim with Sharks

We’ve heard managers, companies, recruiters, and leaders state again and again “I’d hire more women if they’d apply.”

Let’s face the facts: Women generally do not apply for jobs they do not think they are qualified for. This is one of the many reason why there are limited number of women in the technology industry, especially leadership.

Join TJ Johnson, President and CEO of Tra’Bian Enterprises, LLC and Recruiting Expert, as we discuss creative approaches to overcoming the lack of skills and experience outlined in job descriptions. How to read between the lines to decode what employers really want. How to applying for a job when you don’t meet the requirements. How to close the Confidence Gap and other inequalities that prevent you from landing your dream job.

The ability to capture and store vast amounts of data has grown at an unprecedented rate, yet the technical ability to deliver business value from that data is just catching up. 88% of executives surveyed in a 2017 Big 4 study report their organizations failed to recognize the intended IT outcomes and value delivered via data, innovation and transformation initiatives. Innovation, particularly technology innovation, is complex. Organizations can get a lot right and still get innovation wrong. Over five years, MongoDB has sponsored Innovation Awards showcasing innovation strategies, investments, and approaches having big impacts on dozens of industries, from healthcare and financial services to industrial Fortune enterprises.  Join us for an interactive session exploring Innovation Award-winning stories, discovering what made them successful and the three common foundational elements to consider in delivering successful innovation.

Winnie Li

If you have an online presence, you have a personal brand. Most of us didn’t intend to create a brand when we made our first websites and social media profiles. They were just fun ways to share our lives and meet people. Now, they’re networking and career growth tools. In this talk, you’ll hear about people whose brands helped them become respected developers, managers, and community leaders. You’ll learn how to use your online presence to advance your career. You’ll also pick up best practices, common mistakes, and tips for balancing professional and personal content. Intentional personal branding opens the door to endless opportunities. Come see how to make that happen!

Does your organization have a lot of data that you don’t know what to do with?! Join us as we walk through the journey of developing Enterprise Data Visualization and Analytics Programs. This session will outline strategies to get data into the hands of the people that know it best – the business! We will define best practices of successful programs and common pitfalls. In additional, we will also discuss ways to develop enterprise level metrics that can drive your business forward. Leave empowered to build a successful culture of analytics at your company and be a data superstar.

Beyond Raising Your Hand: New Strategies

and Realities For Advancing In Tech

Leadership at the Speed of Light - 2050

This interactive talk will provide the audience with tips and strategies to get "unstuck" in both life and career. We will discuss how to re-align your experience, skills, and talents to achieve personal and professional fulfillment.

In this session, I will share the story of how I became a successful Information Technology professional and leader, and how understanding who I am as a person has helped me make the right career choices. We learn many important subjects in school, but truly paramount life lessons come from personal journeys to understanding who we are and what drives us. My life experiences have taught me that self-awareness is crucial to my career choices and success. For those of you who are either seeking new career opportunities or looking to grow into leadership roles, I'd like to share these lessons as something to consider in your own career decisions.

A Full Spectrum of Sessions for Women in Technology

From Technical Topics on Big Data and Security to Leadership and Career, attendees receive A full day of knowledge and growth with Exposure to leading edge trends and innovative topics.

tj johnson

strengthen your team’s innovation

muscle and develop grit

Toni Cunningham

Ray Kurzweil, Google engineer and Co-Founder of Singularity University, predicts "Technological change is exponential, contrary to the common-sense ‘intuitive linear’ view. So we won’t experience 100 years of progress in the 21st century—it will be more like 20,000 years of progress." The global economy, geopolitics, regulatory environments, your customer’s needs, and your competitor’s offerings are also evolving faster than ever! How do you lead to keep up, let alone move ahead of your competition? Global leadership experts have identified the developmental stages of leaders, what determines how fast leadership development occurs, and the leadership competencies required for change at the speed of light! Do you have them?

Blurred Lines:

The Art of Decoding Job Descriptions

Mel Mcgee

With a 5-year track record of success, OSU’s hackathon “HackOHI/O” explains the benefits of hosting a hack-event in your workplace. We’ll review various models, identify the bare necessities, and arm you with tips for success

Cassandra Faris

Jim Everett &
​Hannah Stannard

Certain fields (defense industry, high-tech, the financial sector) remain dominated by men at the top—and often in the trenches too. Because senior leadership tends to be largely male, and these men perpetuate a stereotype of the masculine-identified qualities required to become leaders (not to mention promoting people who most closely resemble themselves), navigating these waters has continued to be tough. Learn the challenges women face in a male-dominated workplace and gain some of the strategies women find helpful as they try to stay afloat—and keep swimming.

​Maureen Metcalf & 
​Mike Sayre

OSU needs entrepreneurs to bring its cutting edge technologies to market. Learn how to form a startup company with a technology license from Ohio State and what resources are available to support you.

the age of doing

Liz McKellar


Nicole Weidner

Rachel Angel 

Ashley Lambrix 

Lindsey Michaelides 

Tiffany Marr

Algorithmic Discrimination

Andrea Jacobs

In this workshop, Alicia Oddi, Senior Director of Entrepreneur and Inclusion at Rev1 Ventures, will take you through the elements you need to have in place before you pitch to investors. In this session, you will learn what investors love to see and what are red flags. 

What You’ll Do:

Create your problem/solution statements
Identify your user/buyer/supplier
Draft an audience survey

Making Better Choices by knowing yourself

A panel of Female Founders and their Journey to Innovation 

Top 5 Architecture Patterns

Why Not Change Industries?

Who do you work for? Regardless of your employer, you work for are She, Inc. and you have a brand! Your “woman run” business will go through stages from start up through maturity. These stages need to be carefully thought out and managed regardless of where you are in the process. This thought-provoking presentation will walk through how your values, attitudes and behaviors set the foundation for future success or failure. We will address questions including: What is my current brand and how does it affect the trajectory of my career? Can She, Inc. survive a big personal mistake? You will leave having an introduction to personal branding and start the process of defining your brands "non-negotiables".

Rebecca craycraft

Samantha Lopez

What is continuous integration/continuous delivery, why your mobile app development team can benefit from this, and how to set up an effective pipeline.

 How old were you when you first discovered the lack of women in technology? More importantly, when did you decide to take action to increase the number of women in computing careers? If we want to see any change in the amount of women in technology, the answer to the first and second questions should be the same. No matter what your age, you have the power to encourage and inspire change. Learn how you can make a difference and increase the number of women in computing careers regardless of how old you are or how much experience you have.

BREAKING into Cybersecurity by

Rebranding Yourself!

Edita Dibrani

Women are told that opportunities are available but they are not taking advantage of them. While the blaming of those who are being left back seems fair to some, this encourages the very “me first” attitude that fills leadership ranks with individuals who tend towards a “volunteers only” bias in advancement that has favored male candidates. Today’s technology teams succeed more on the basis of collaboration, cooperation, sharing, and distributed accountability. Heroes need not apply. Let’s discuss how identifying tomorrow’s leaders will require a culture of “everybody into the lifeboat”, fostering team success, moving beyond the requirement that women “raise their hand”, and into new opportunities for individuals and their organizations.

A panel of female founders in early-stage companies who will share their story of innovation, inspiration and lessons learned along the way. This first half of this event will be a panel discussion and the second half will be open to networking between the attendees and the founders.

Mobile Development: Introduction CI/CD

Big data algorithms are all the buzz - they've solved many problems, such as targeting your products or services to a specific audience, predicting weather down to the hour, or finding the most efficient workforce. They've been so successful that we have grown accustomed in believing that algorithms are factual, accurate, and unbiased. As more tasks and decisions are delegated to algorithms, a new truth has emerged: algorithms are as biased as the input data and its creators. In this talk, we'll explore ways in which algorithms are controlling the inclusion - and exclusion - of people in different areas of life and what is being done to redress any harms caused by the very same algorithms.

Fulfilling our personal and professional potential takes venturing into the unknown and embracing risk. The challenge is we are wired to be uncomfortable taking risks and society discourages us to be risk takers. The path to fulfillment is lined with risk however and to fulfill our potential we must get comfortable with, if not able to leverage risk. In this session, learn how you can strengthen your risk muscle to achieve your personal and professional goals.

In this interactive workshop, we will tackle the biggest challenges facing women in technology today – and learn along the way. YOU will decide which problems are most important to address with our collective wisdom and expertise. We will work together to brainstorm actionable solutions to the challenges facing our community. At the end of this workshop, you will also understand how to facilitate creative brainstorming in your own work using ThinkPak.

You don't have to be a ethical hacker to be part of this thriving global industry! In this session we'll explore the various segments of the industry and how women can "break in" by rebranding your experience for each domain.  

We'll focus on key skills and techniques to entry into the following domains of the industry:

    Access Control Systems and Methodology
     Telecommunications and Network Security
    Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning
     Security Management Practices

Security Architecture and Models
     Law, Investigation, and Ethics
     Application and Systems Development Security
Computer Operations Security
Physical Security

We'll also explore answers to the following questions:

How to "secure" a mentor and coach in the industry
What are the essential groups to get involved in
What certifications and/or experience do I really need

How to Solve All Your Problems

(in Software Development)

Julia Armstrong &​Courtney Campbell

She, Inc.

Wendy Jacobs

We have all heard, perhaps even experienced, the concept that true innovation really only exists within start-ups rather than established organizations.  Big or established companies are just too weighed down by their own success, too committed to existing processes and entrenched business models. In other words, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

In this interactive session, we will explore how a sustainable innovation capability can built and thrive in an established organization.  We’ll tackle some of the barriers that can derail internal innovation as well as demonstrate how to leverage those existing assets, resources and scale to fuel innovation.  

alicia oddi

Paige bormann

Organically Growing a Community of Women in Your Workplace

A Technical Recipe for Social Good -
How a Cup of Test Driven Development
​Can Feed Social Good.

Speaker Abstracts 

Embracing Risk For Personal &

Professional Success


Connie Mathews

Victoria Koroleva

The technology landscape continues to evolve at a blazing pace. To keep up with these changes, architecture patterns have evolved. This talk with cover 5 influential architecture patterns including:

1. Layered

2. Event-Driven

3. Microkernel

4. Microservices

5. Space-Based

Brush up on the oldies, learn about cutting-edge architectural patterns, when to use them and when to combine them.

Cheryl Turnbull

REBOOT! Strategies for Re-imaging Your

Career and Life

Doug McCollough

(Not So) Accidental Personal Branding

In a world with so many problems, how can technology solve them all? Complex solutions aren't built overnight! More importantly, how can we accelerate solutions?

Developing code is more effective when techniques such as TDD, and agility are employed to apply the right functions to the right problems and solve them faster! Learn how one ambitious group of coding students ramped up on both coding and TDD in a short time frame to deliver a value driven solution for a community to improve their foodbank services.


Get Started with WIT! – Ever wish your company had a Women in IT group?  Ever wish you had other women to connect with for guidance and support?  Well, why not start your own!  Becky will share the journey of Nationwide’s Women in IT group to share how it was started, how we gained sponsorship and the types of activities we sponsor to support and grow more Women in IT.

Large companies often have resource groups for employees with common interests and/or background. Smaller organizations don't always have the structure in place to facilitate resource groups from a typical top-down format. CoverMyMeds Women in Healthcare IT group was formed from the bottom up by a small group of passionate employees. As they head into their third year, membership has grown to almost 20% of all CoverMyMeds employees including multiple office locations and remote workers. In this presentation, Jennifer and Deb will break down their biggest wins, common challenges, and effective ways for scaling a homegrown employee resource group. They will also share how Women in HIT has helped to develop individuals and workplace culture.