Partnering with our sisters 

Because moving the needle forward for Women in Technology requires a united front. We are proud to announce a partnership with our sisters at National Women in Tech Organizations like:  

IT Takes a community to bring change! 

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‚ÄčThank you to all of the women and men that have supported us so far and helped drive the organization to new heights! 

We are officially a 501 (c)3, now which will help us achieve the mission of transitioning women to technical careers, mentoring, supporting, and connecting local women in technology.

We expect to have a host of announcements and plans to share with you at the conference! We hope to see you there! 

Thanks for your support! 

Columbus Women In Technology

A Word of thanks

Join us for a day of empowerment as we celebrate local {S}Heros, the path to leadership and innovation! 

Get the latest on Technical Innovation,

Career & Leadership,

And that's just for starters.... 

{S}Heros #SMashtheglass 10.10.17

Navigating the future for women in technology