Renee Cacchillo 

SVP Brand, Customer, and Technology


Despite increasing rates of female enrollment in STEM curriculum, the representation of women in STEM and in leadership positions remains alarmingly low. Access to leadership positions continue to remain limited in companies predominately led by men. These realities lead to feelings of isolation and frustration for women in tech throughout the nation, they also lead to stark disparities with respect to employment outcomes such as pay, promotion, career advancement opportunities, and job security.

The current legal landscape places substantial weight on the importance of explicit intentional bias——when the reality is that workplace discrimination is often unconscious and the product of well entrenched acceptance of such behaviors. It is often a long ugly road to address these issues at the Federal and State levels, even with the many statutes and tools available to women.

In this session we’ll share what we’ve learned from our several trials is that an ounce of prevention is the best technique any company can employ.  When companies take the opportunity to band together to reform company policies and practices that cause and perpetuate discrimination, litigation can be avoided and the real issues can be addressed

1:15 - 2:25 pm 

Kathleen Chugh

VP of Information Technology at Bravo Brio Restaurant Group Inc.

What if the next big disruptor isn't a what but a who?

Gen Z is connected, informed, and ready for business. These 12-to-20 year-olds are coming of age. Many businesses have already felt the wrath of Gen Z as consumers, and now they are entering the workforce. Understanding their mindset today, and anticipating how this will evolve in the future, is key to unlocking the potential for all of us.

Through this presentation Marcie and Julianne will explore:

     · The dynamic forces shaping Gen Z

     · How Gen Z differs from Millennials

     · Business implications created by Gen Z as a consumer, employee            and citizen

     · The redefining of “tech” in a Gen Z world

     · Opportunities to use this pivotal moment in time to advance and            elevate the role of women in driving a technological revolution

Phyllis Teater 

Chief Information Officer,

OSU Medical Center 

Smashing the Glass Ceiling:

a Journey to equitable work for Women in technology

​​​​Gen Z Women in Tech:

How the Next Generation To Enter the Workforce Will Change It For All

Julianne Woo

Principal at Ernst & Young 

Sally Miller 


DHL Supply Chain 

Maria Urani 

SVP, Chief Information Officer


Marcie Merriman

Culture Hacker, Experience Innovator and Brand Strategist at Ernst & Young

​​CIO Panel: THe path to Technical leadership

Hear From local CIO {S}Heros that have smashed the glass. Learn about their personal journeys, what work life was like for women at the beginning of their careers, a day in the life of a CIO,  their view on the path to technical leadership, who their mentors are, and how to successfully partner with men to achieve success.

Terri Bettinger


Franklin County

8:30 - 9:40 am 

Special Message from

Patty Morrison 

EVP, Customer Support Services and CIO
Cardinal Health 

11:00 - 12:15 pm 

Ella Zheng


Sanford, Heisler, & Sharp LLP 


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Facilitated By

Angelo Mazzocco


Central Ohio Primary Care 

Felicia Medina


Medina Orthwein LLP 

Cheryl VanPatten 

SVP, Chief Information OfficerWashington Prime Group