Over 21 sponsors a be several booths set up for you to visit with each one. Many of them even giveaway awesome schwag and give away cool prizes!  See a full list of our sponsors here. 

Hotel acomodations 

What is the whova app? 

WHat companies will be there? 

Our organization embraces men and people of all genders who are passionate about seeing more women in IT and leadership. Maybe you'd like to bring your daughter, maybe you're just an advocate of women in general. Either way, our organization recognizes that you are just as essential in executing our mission to create real change in the IT industry to increase equality for women. You may be the minority, but we welcome and embrace your interest in supporting our event. 

Bonding for our social capital and building solidarity is a very big agenda item, however bridging  networks is equally important. 

Business case for Attendance/MIssing School/Class

There is a room available for nursing mothers. Because of food licensing the facility does not have refrigeration service. Please plan accordingly. 

Nursing MOthers?

Have a different question not covered? Write info@getwitit.org

Who should come to this conference?



We expect between 750 - 900 people with a majority women in the IT industry, with roles varying from IT leadership and managers, to software and infrastructure engineers, architects, and developers, information security professionals, product owners, delivery leaders, scrum masters, project managers, business analysts, quality analysts, IT business development,consulting professionals, HR professionals, Recruiters, students, and those generally interested in careers in IT.  Mostly from the local community, but there will be several folks that travel from far and wide to join us! 


Are Men And people of other genders Welcome? 

Please park in the garage attached to the North side of the Student Union building.  Bring your ticket in for validation and your parking will be free.

We do not have agreements with any other garage, if you park somewhere other than the garage attached to the Student Union building you will have to pay for your own parking.

The Whova event application is a tool we will use to help manage the day of the conference. It has an abundance of features that support communications during the event such as the event agenda and communicating with attendees and speakers. 

Whova supports other applications, and integrates with your ticket on Eventbrite.  

You download the event application and it will require you to create a profile. For the event to recognize you, you must use the same email you registered with. If there is an issue, please write info@getwitit.org and we will provide an invitation code for you to access the event in the app. 

Need some assistance in asking the boss for reimbursement or the day off to attend the conference? 

Click Here to Download a Template for a Business Case 

Or maybe some assistance with a note to school or professor to miss school/class? 

TEll me about the venue: The ohio union

If you're coming from a long way away there are several local hotels that are very close to the event to rest your weary head! 

The Blackwell is located on campus 

Campus area hotels listed here.

The Ohio Union has been remodeled, and is an amazing conference and student center. 

If you haven't visited the Ohio State University before, or it's been a while, be sure to check Construction and familiarize yourself with location and parking.  September 12th the University will be in full swing of fall semester. For more information see the campus page

You know your daughter and her attention span! We generally recommend children no younger than 5th grade. There is a Youth Track specifically for 5th - 9th grade girls. We offer companion tickets to add to your attendance, as well as tickets specifically for the youth track.  

There will be plenty of sessions and with the Innovation lounge, and not to mention you're in the middle of one of the largest universities in the country... 

If your daughter is about to graduate college or attend university/skills camp - get her a ticket NOW!