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As children we learned by the minute, every hour was filled with opportunities to learn and grow. As adults we still have opportunities for growth every day, but often become more reluctant to learn from them. In particular, we’ve developed a love/hate relationship with feedback - one of the most important facilitators of learning. In the workplace we anxiously await, and may even yearn for the feedback in our annual review. Yet, when given feedback we can become defensive and dismissive, resulting in missed opportunities to improve.

In this interactive session will start with why asking for feedback is so important to your career.

We will practice how to ask for feedback from your manager and your peers as well as how to react when you get it. We will also practice how to constructively give feedback to others.

Finally, we will explore some of the negative stories we tell ourselves, and how we can use feedback to validate or invalidate our underlining assumptions.



Feedback:Our Love Hate Relationship

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First Annual Conference 

Goal was 100 Columbus Area Women In Tech - and we reached >300 Columbus Women and a Few Men to Boot! 

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9.15.16 #WeOwnTheFuture